Ajax Powder

Powdered Scouring Cleaner

Clean most durable surfaces easily with the heavy-duty cleaning power contained in the Ajax Oxygen bleach powder cleanser. The cleanser can be used on most surfaces, breaking through even caked-on dirt to leave behind a fresh, clean surface.


  • Heavy-duty cleaning power
  • Unscented, 21 oz. can
  • Cleans chrome, porcelain, ceramic tile and other durable surfaces
  • Economical cleanser for chrome, porcelain, ceramic tile and other durable surfaces
  • Silica based non-chlorinated cleaner
  • With bleach for extra cleaning power

Cleanser with Bleach
This Ajax cleanser contains bleach, which increases its cleansing power. The bleach helps to cut through tough dirt and grime, allowing you to clear away built-up material with ease.

Unscented Cleanser
Despite the addition of bleach, the Ajax oxygen bleach cleanser is unscented, allowing you to clean your home without leaving behind a strong chemical scent. Be assured that although the scent is low, the cleaning power is high.

Compatible Surfaces
The oxygen bleach powder is compatible with a variety of surfaces to extend its usefulness when cleaning. Common compatible surfaces include chrome, ceramic tile, porcelain, and most other durable surfaces.

Product CodeDescriptionPacked
 C14278 Powdered Scouring Cleaner 24/21 OZ.