Extraction Plus II Carpet Extraction & Upholstery Cleaner

Carpet Extraction and Upholstery Cleaner

Extraction Plus II carpet extraction cleaner is a highly concentrated carpet cleaner for use with hot water extractors and conventional carpet cleaning machines. Extraction Plus II loosens carpet soil so that it is easily picked up by the vacuum. The soils are carried to the recovery tank of a self-contained hot water extractor or to the dump site of a direct hook-up machine.

Extraction Plus II liquid extraction cleaner mixes easily with hot water. At operating temperatures above 120 degrees this product will produce minimal foam. This gentle detergent is safe to use on most carpet fibers. It will not leave a sticky residue to mask fabric sheen and promote re-soiling.

Approximately 80% of all soils and greasy substances is caused by foot traffic and over half is of a greasy nature.

Safe on most carpet fibers
Does not contain any optical brighteners.
Extraction Plus II carpet extraction Cleaner cleans thoroughly and sharpens colors to restore original beauty.
Carpet Protector can be sprayed onto the clean carpet to reduce soiling during normal use and the need for frequent cleaning.

Product CodeDescriptionPacked
 CEDN640-1 Carpet Extraction 1 Gallon
 CEDN640-4 Carpet Extraction 4-1 Gallon Case
CEDN640-5 Carpet Extraction 5 Gallon Containers
CEDN640-15 Carpet Extraction 15 Gallon Drums