Foam-A-Way Defoamer


FOAM-A-WAY is a concentrated pH neutral liquid defoamer.  A unique formulation that kills foam quickly and efficiently in vacuum of carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment.

Portables: 2 ounces for every 5 gallons of recovery tank capacity.

Truck Mount: 12 ounces for every 25 gallons of recovery tank capacity.

Foam Extraction:  Mix 2-6 ounces of Foam-A-Way into a spray bottle.  Spray inside walls of recovery tank.  Turn on vacuum and spray Foam-A-Way into return vacuum hose.  Repeat above procedures after each emptying of the recovery tank.

Product CodeDescriptionPacked
CTD640-1 Defoamer 1 Gallon
CTD640 Defoamer 4-1 Gallon Case
 CTD640-5 Defoamer 5 Gallon Containers
 CTD640-15 Defoamer 15 Gallon Drums