Lightning Bolt Foaming Multi-Used Cleaner/Degreaser

Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Lightning Bolt is a superior multi-tasking cleaner and degreaser that has many applications and always produces excellent results.  Lightning Bolt can be used throughout homes, schools, colleges and universities, automobile dealerships, shops, businesses, offices and anywhere there is a need to remove grease and grime.

Lightning Bolt can also be used as a Laundry Pretreat

LIGHTNING BOLT can be used on:
Baseboards Stainless Steel High Chairs
Plastic Sports Equipment Diaper Pails
Vinyl Uniforms Ceiling Fans
Aluminum Siding Fixtures Dishwashers
Upholstery Car Engines Garbage Cans
Pool/Patio Furniture Tubs/Sinks Hoods/Stove Tops


Product CodeDescriptionPacked
 C10132 Cleaner/Degreaser 12-32 oz. Case
 C10132-1 Clearner/Degreaser 32 oz. Quart
C1014-1 Clearner/Degreaser  Gallon
C1014 Clearner/Degreaser 4-1 Gallon Case
 C1015 Clearner/Degreaser 5 Gallon Can
 C101-15 Clearner/Degreaser 15 Gallon Drum
  Clearner/Degreaser Other Sizes Available