NeutraMop Neutral Floor Cleaner

NeutraMop Floor Cleaner

An excellent product for damp mopping.  Contains no harsh ingredients to leave a film.  This product was specially designed to maximize the performance of the Best Impressions line of floor finishes.  It dilutes clearly without a precipitate in hard or cold water.  NeutrMop will not clog orifices of automatic scrubbers and pressure sprayers.

Directions For Use:
General Cleaning 4 oz. per Gallon (1:32)
Automatic Scrubbing 1 oz. per Gallon (1:128)
Stripper Residue 1 oz. per Gallon (1:128)
Salt/Ice Melter Residue 2 oz. per Gallon (1:64)


Product CodeDescriptionPacked
C633-1 Neutral Cleaner Gallon
 C633-4 Neutral Cleaner 4-1 Gallon Case
 C633-5 Neutral Cleaner 5 Gallon Can
C633-15 Neutral  Cleaner 15 Gallon Drum
  Neutral  Cleaner Other Sizes Available