SuperBio Multi-Use Cleaner

SUPERBIO  Multi-Use Cleaner

SUPERBIO Multi-Use Cleaner is designed to remove grease, grime and dirt while leaving a long lasting fresh scent long after the cleaning job is done.

Lavender or Lemon Scent

Floors/Kitchens 2 oz. Per Gallon Water
Bathrooms/Walls Apply to a sponge or cloth to clean walls & fixtures
Toilet Bowls Pour into the toilet bowl and swap with acrylic bowl mop


Product CodeDescriptionPacked
CSB04307-1 Lavender Scented  Gallon
CSB04307-4 Lavender Scented  4-1 Gallon Case
CSB04307-5 Lavender Scented  5 Gallon Can
CSB04307-15 Lavender Scented  15 Gallon Drum
  Lavender Scented  Other Sizes Available
Product CodeDescriptionPacked
 CSB04307L-1 Lemon Scented     Gallon
 CSB04307L-4 Lemon Scented     4-1 Gallon Case
CSB04307L-5 Lemon Scented     5 Gallon Can
CSB04307L-15 Lemon Scented     15 Gallon Drum
  Lemon Scented     Other Sizes Available