5 Product Dilution Control Station

The KP1H Complete Fill Station is ready for installation right out of the box. All you do is mount the dispenser on the wall and hook up the chemical and water lines. It’s just that simple.

The KP1H Complete comes in four models: (1) single-product bottle fill, (2) single-product bucket fill, (3) 5-product with Dial 4 bottle fill and bucket fill, and (4) 8-product with Dial 4 bottle and Dial 4 bucket fill.

The enclosure for the KP1H Complete is perfect for hostile environments such as restaurant kitchens. Valves and parts making up the system are protected by a durable rolled steel cover with a powder-coated finish. The cover also has a large surface area for private labeling!  

Key Features:

  • One-Hand Bottle Fill
  • 16 Different Dilution Rates
  • Remote Bucket Fill Pistol Grip
  • Large Labeling Surface
  • Rolled steel Cover with Powder-Coated Finish
  • Shorter Installation Time
Product CodeDescriptionPacked
KP1H-8 8 - Product Fill Station Each
KP1H-5 5 - Product Fill Station Each
KP1H-4 4 - Product Fill Station Each
KP1H-1 1 - Product Fill Station Each
General Stock On These Units Is The KP1H-5.  All Other Fill Stations Are Ordered As Requested