Scrub & Recoat

Scrub & Recoat is the ideal product for any type of floor maintenance program to help extend the time between restorative stripping procedures, saving time and labor. When used as directed, this Scrub and Recoat Cleaner aggressively removes embedded soils and scuffs in the top layers of floor finish, and prepares the surface for re-coating with minimal rinsing required. This low foam formula leaves a clean, film free surface, making it ideal for use in an auto scrubber. Scrub and Recoat Cleaner can also be used to remove the factory seal from newly installed VCT flooring and is compatible with any green or traditional floor care program.

Product CodeDescriptionPacked
 C618SB-1 Scrub and Recoat 1-Gallon
C618SB Scrub and Recoat 4-1 Gallons
C618SB-5 Scrub and Recoat 5-Gallons
 C618SB-15 Scrub and Recoat 15-Gallon Drum