Stat-Control (960)

Smooth conductive surface with foam backing protects components from static damage

USES: Medium-Duty, Dry Areas, Computer Work Stations, Work Stations, Cashier’s Station, Test Stations, Electronic Stations, Service Counters


  • Static dissipative
  • Stock mats include grounding cord
  • Resistivity is 107 ohms per square
  • Beveled edges and easy-to-clean surface


  • Thickness: 3/8”
  • Material: Vinyl top with PVC foam backing
  • Anti-Fatigue
Mats Rolls
2’ x 3’ 3’ x 60’
3’ x 5’ 3’ x 75’
Custom cuts available in 3’ widths
Custom-cut mats need one grounding cord per 10’.        Order separately

COLORS:  Black