Commercial Clean Machine (110)

Aggressive scraper mat featuring a deep pile polyethylene blades that outperforms all other scraper mats

Total Confidence Warranty

 USES: Outdoor/Indoor - Recessed Wells, Heavy Traffic, Hotels, Motels & Resorts,, Schools & Churches, Convention Centers,• Office Buildings, Restaurants, Malls, Shops & Stores, Museums, Theaters


  • Deep plie hides dirt out of sight and prevents it from getting onto shoes and into the building
  • Fibers spring back into shape even under heavy traffic
  • Easy to shake or hose clean
  • Holds pounds of dirt before cleaning is needed
  • Scrapes better, holds more, tracks less


  • Thickness: 5/8”
  •  Backing: anti-skid polyethylene
  • Top fibers:skid resistant polyethylene
  •  Scraper mat
3 ’x 4’ 4' x 6'*
3’ x 5’ 6' x 8'*
3’ x 8’  

  Colors: Black, Gray, Brown