Walk-N-Clean (995)

Mat with 60 sheets coated with an anti-bacterial adhesive designed to remove dirt and contaminants. Applications include clean-rooms, pharaceutical, biotech and telecommunication industries requiring critical manufacturing environments as well as at entrances to office areas from manufacturing operations

USES:  Indoor- Dry Areas, Laboratories, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Malls, Shops & Stores, Residential, Airports, Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, Hotels & Motels, Medical Facilities, Schools, Cafeterias


  • Tacky surface removes dirt, bacteria and mold while cleaning shoes with an anti-microbial agent
  • Heavy-duty tray with slip-resistant backing
  • FDA-approved for direct food contact
  • Adhesive contains an anti-microbial agent
  • Refill pads available


  • Material: polyethylene
  • Specialty mat
Single Tray Double Tray
31 1/2” x 25 1/2” 31 1/2” x 51”
Replacement Pads: 30” x 24”

COLORS:  Gray, White