Chariot iGloss 20

20" Chariot iGloss Stand-On Commercial Burnisher

The Chariot iGloss 20 is a high performance stand-on burnisher that features the maneuverability and productivity of a Chariot and adds simplicity with a new patent-pending spring-loaded weighted pad that eliminates user pad adjustment—just turn the knob and go.


  • 20" cleaning path
  • 2000 RPM
  • No user pad adjustment
  • Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility
  • Battery operated for daytime cleaning
  • Simple, intuitive control panel
  • Low dbA (62 for active, 59 for passive)
  • Available in active and passive dust control
  • Available with an on-board charging option with one of its AGM models