Horizion Cups

Hot Cups

Horizon hot cups by Dart are unique cups that add a touch of color to any casual dining environment or foodservice operation. These cups are an economical alternative to custom printed designs, and they allow everyone to get a fun design that also provides a durable service for hot beverages. There are a wide selection of sizes and colors of Horizon cups to choose from, including hot and cold cups. You can choose from 8 to 24 oz. cups for hot beverages, in colors like red, blue purple, green and teal, allowing you to get the colors that you want for your foodservice operation. Horizon hot cups are printed uniquely with UV links, making the colors brighter and the printing process more eco-friendly. The unique touch of design is great for any casual environment, fast food establishment, or other foodservice operation where fun, casual cups are desired. The range of colors and sizes allows you to get the most for your money with an economical, simple cup design. You can also utilize interchangeable lids for the most popular sizes, making it easier to maintain your inventory and keep products together.

Product CodeDescriptionPacked
P12LX16E Hot Cup 1,000 Per Case
P16LX16E Hot Cup 1,000 Per Case
P20LX16E Hot Cup   500 Per Case