Dinner Napkin (251650)

Top Performance and Quality Provides top performance and quality with cost savings benefits


  • Extra Absorbent and Soft
  • Napkins are strong, soft and absorbent and the ideal napkin for messy menu items such as BBQ / ribs, seafood and much more
  • Premium Disposable Guest Hand Towel
  • Fresh and Clean Appearance
  • Disposable and Economical…

No hidden costs like you have with linen towels such as laundry service fees and replacement fees for lost towels

USES: Restaurants, Country Clubs, Hotels —Lobby, Guest Rooms, Golf Clubs, Catering Companies, Airline tray liners, Catering Services, Casinos (guest towel in restrooms), Beauty salon and Spas

Product CodeFoldSizePlyPacked
P251650 1/4 16" x 16 1/2" 1 1000