Dust Mops/Handles/Frames

Launderable Dust Mops

 Specially designed for institutional applications, its looped ends prevent deplying, linting and fraying for maximum service life. Bulkier, loosely twisted yarn is an efficient trap for better dust collection, retention.

  • 4 ply, looped end, 100% cotton yarn.
  • 100% polyester backing.  Yarn and backing colors available in red, yellow, blue, natural and green.
  • Standard is blue yarn with blue backing.  Standard backing is keyhole with ties.
  • 5” width in lengths, from 12” to 72”.
  • 100 to 120 washings depending on consistency of laundry processing.
Product CodeDescriptionPacked
CS/SLM18-5B 18" Dust Mops Each
CSN18-5 18" Dust Mop Frame Each
CS/SLM24-5B 24" Dust Mops Each
CSN24-5 24" Dust Mop Frame Each
CS/SLM36-5B 36" Dust Mops Each
CSN36-5 36" Dust Mop Frame Each
CLM48-5B 48" Dust Mops Each
CC702048 48" Dust Mop Frame Each
CLM60-5B 60" Dust Mops Each
C80600006 60" Dust Mop Frame Each
CSNH60 Dust Mop Handle Each