Concrete/Terrazzo/Natural Stone Pads

Diamond by Gorilla® 200 Blue
• Most aggressive

Diamond by Gorilla® 400 Red
• Very aggressive
• For damaged floors or use after grinding
• HD removal of scratches & discoloration on stone
• Leaves satin or matt finish

Diamond by Gorilla® 800 White
• Intermediate step or 1st step in floors not maintained
• Cleans surface
• Removes small scratches
• Leaves a very light, slightly reflective finish

Diamond by Gorilla® 1500 Yellow
• For maintained floors
• Cleans & prepares floor for high polish below
• Removes fine scratches
• Conditions stone & concrete floors for final polishing
• Can be used as regular maintenance pad for a luster finish

Diamond by Gorilla® 3000 Green
• Normal daily maintenance pad
• Produces & maintains a “Wet Look” shine

Diamond by Gorilla® 8000 Orange
• High polishing

Diamond by Gorilla® 11000 Purple
• Highest Wet-look polishing

Heat by Gorilla®
Burnish with Heat
• 90 degrees plus heat to bond your silicate coatings
• Uses a unique heat shield
• Two sided for twice the life
• Special blend of natural & synthetic fibers