ZymeClean Organic Liquid Enzyme

A Live Liquid Enzyme Bacterial Emulsion

ZymeClean breaks down uric acid molecules very quickly, while digesting the source of odors with no environmental impact.  It liquifies and cleans organic waste, paper, grease, fat and other waste from drains, pipes and grease traps.

ZymeClean restores normal biological activity to septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Also effective for odor control and as a carpet spot remover.

Restroom & Urinals:
Recreational Vehicles
Uric Acid Odor Neutralizer Marine Holding Tanks
Sinks/Wash Basins, Shower Stalls/Tubs Porta-Toilets
Garbage Disposals Laundry Prespotter
Drains, Traps & Septic Tanks
Tile Fields


Product CodeDescriptionPacked
 CLNZ364-1 Liquid Enzyme Gallon
 CLNZ364 Liquid Enzyme 4-1 Gallon Case
 CLNZ364-5 Liquid Enzyme 5 Gallon Can
CLNZ364-15 Liquid Enzyme 15 Gallon Drum
  Liquid Enzyme Other Sizes Available